Lodewikus Stewart Esterhuizen

Director, Cape Town


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Lodewikus is a highly skilled attorney with a wealth of experience and knowledge, who joined Tiefenthaler in 2019. He has the right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa and is also an associate member of the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) NPC.

Throughout his career, Lodewikus has worked on a wide range of complex and high-profile cases in the construction and engineering industry, acquiring valuable experience and honing his skills as an attorney. His areas of expertise include construction and engineering-related court litigation, adjudication, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Lodewikus obtained his master’s degree in 2019 with a predominant focus on energy law. With his extensive knowledge and skills, Lodewikus has become a valuable asset to Tiefenthaler and its clients, providing top-notch legal representation and sound advice.

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